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Re: [IP] Saline or Not

"Whitaker, Paul" wrote:
> Now my pump has been give the OK I went to see the trainer on Friday, she
> tells me that I will not use saline to practice with but just change
> straight over from MDI to the pump. I have seen lots of messages here from
> others that spend, 2 days, a week and even longer using saline before
> introducing insulin to the pump.
> Is not using saline first unusual? Will I miss out on something here?
> Maybe because the trainer knows I am an engineer and understand things
> 'technical' I don't need saline.
> Any comments anyone?

Yes, I'm sure he thinks you aren't scared of the machine or of being able
to cope with it. I'm an engineer too, and nobody even mentioned having
me use saline first.... of course this WAS 5.5 years ago and I was just
training my endo how to train me on it..........

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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