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Re:[IP] Saline or Not

I was wondering too if we were missing something when Erica went
directly to the pump from injections.  We started her in the morning at
the hospital and spent the day in there monitoring sugars.  At the end
of the day we were sent home and given a pager # to call if there were
any problems.  We had gone in with a lot of information and preparation
so they were confident we were able to handle it without being under
their scrutiny. Two - three days later the lingering NPH was out of her
system and we had to change basal rates somewhat, but we were prepared
for that as we knew it woud happen.

So, in our case, from injections to pumping was great because Erica
(then 10 yrs old) immediately got to experience the freedom that pumping
could give her.  Good luck, and enjoy your new buddy!

Barb...Erica's mom

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