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Re: [IP] Treating Lows/Amount and Type

GLUCOSE TABS - bricks o' chalk.

Yes I know that they don't taste very good. And many
would Like to spend the sugar on something good. But
really these gems are the best way to go.

As with all other forms of sugar, they have to be
digested and converted into glucose to then raise your
blood sugar level.  The glucose tabs do not have to be
digested to be turned into glucose.  Hense making them
more faster acting.  I usually start with 2 or 3 and
see where the sugar level goes.  

And if you have gastroparesis, ( I have a friend who
has it really severe, and it takes her ages if she
eats something to come up) the tabs are faster acting
than trying to eat something.  Even faster than apple

dx 4/1/85

--- Sherry Webb Nolan <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  I have noticed something and was wondering if
> anyone else can say the
> same.  If I have a low, (25-65 mg) I consider my
> range for a low, and I
> consume the appropriate number of lifesavers, OJ, or
> Regular Soda I am
> <SNIP>

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