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Re: [IP] Set change with Rapids

I always prime at least 2 units when I insert a new
Rapid.  But *****WARNING***** I am insulin resistant. 
And If I don't do this, I end up having a spike when
ever I take out the old site. I always seem to loose a
little bit of insulin when I remove the old site. I
usually do the site change when I shower so that might
have a thing to do also.  With the rapid, I would
recommend to someone maybe a .5 prime(bolus)  Or to do
the site change when you have to give your self a
regular bolus.  You want to do a little something to
make sure that you unclog the rapid. Sometimes Tissue
can block the cannula.  

This is has worked for me.  (BTW: I list prime here,
because I use the MM pump with the rapids)

--- Katherine Esposito <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Do other Rapid users bolus after inserting it? 


If this is working for you and you are not having
spikes then DON'T change a thing
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