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[IP] Dealing with stress

Boy, it seems like everyone else on this list is much mellower than I am
about the problems we encounter every so often- a set change problem, an
unexpected post-meal spike, etc.!! Tell me your coping strategies! While
waiting to see if a high resolves (sometimes I just use a syringe to be
sure to  bring one down) I try to let go and focus on my work, or attend
to the kids. HOWEVER: I am not nearly as successful as I would like to
be! [Sometimes I recite, "It's only one day out of your life, it's only
one day out of your life," and that helps. But only for about ten
minutes.] Then, it my sugar is still high at 4 pm, I start to become
super worried, partly because I really want things to resolve before

It hasn't happened often, but I do feel that when it does ( and even
after six months on the pump and having learned a lot, it still does) I
would like to be calmer about it. I wonder sometimes if it would have
been easier if I weren't a single parent. If I hadn't passed out with
seizures several times (pre-pump) from lows, I probably wouldn't be so
intimidated by this whole business.

Certainly attending to diet helps, and that I am getting better at all
the time. I eat a very low-fat, moderate protein, moderate carb diet
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