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Re: [IP] Something worse than DKA

Brian Carter wrote:
> Seen something new while going threw Nursing school.
> Something that most of us have not experienced (or at least the
> IDDM ones)  and was just wondering if the type 2s on the list have
> experienced this. its HHNK  or Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic
> Nonketitic Syndrome?

Very few Type 2's will ever experience this, because it's the reaction
of the body in extremis. (Latin for at a deep crisis stage, near death).
It's basically extreme dehydration from the high BGs (Hyperosmolar means
dehydration, and hyperglycemic, of course, means high BGs). While there
usually IS ketosis, it's not DKA, because the blood is not as acidic. 

A type 2 will develop this kind of coma when the DM has gone untreated
or poorly treated for a long time, with BGs gradually creeping higher
and higher, and then some infection or illness sets in, and boom,
they're over the edge. 

And it's a good thing that most of us will never experience it, because
the mortality rate is about 50%. The blood literally turns into sludge
and clogs up all the little blood vessels and the circulation just
grinds to a halt. The heart can't pump sludge for very long without
giving out!

Yuck!!! (Well, you asked!)
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