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[IP] Re: what supplies to carry around

I always carry my blod tester, sugar tablets, spare batterie
s for the
pump, 4 syringes, alcohol wipes and insulin.  At work I carr
y a complete
setup.  On trips and campouts I generally carry twice as muc
h as I
expect to need, as much insulin as I expect to need and a sp
are bottle
of insulin, the keto sticks and spare batteries for the test

Four syringes?
Why so many? 

FWIW, I hate carrying around more than I need of anything,
For the day I carry around my meter and enough strips for the day,
finger pricker, spare Silhouette, cartridge of Humalog and needle for
the reservoir, and a syringe. And half a pack of glucose tablets.

I carry a cartridge rather than vial of insulin because I can use it
both in a syringe or to refill my pump and it's much smaller to carry
around than a bottle. I don't usually carry batteries etc because I know I will
have enough time left before they run out till I get home.

If I'm going out say in the evening I just take my blood testing
stuff, unless I have reason to suspect that I might have a problem
with the set (eg if I've just changed the set).

If any major problem happened I would just have to come home to sort it out, but I'd probably want to anyway in that case.

If I'm going away for the night then I also take spare batteries and a cartridge of NPH too. 

Everything fits into a small green zipped padded bag the size of a makeup bag, which
is actually the thing that comes with the Glucotrend. 


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