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Re: [IP] tubing empty after shower

Hi Amy,

Erica uses the Silhouette, and after a shower, or anytime we disconnect
for a length of time, we prime a few units to make sure there is a
bubble of insulin showing at the connector.  We usually leave her pump
running (don't suspend it), and we look at the daily total prior to her
going into the shower and then check it out again when she gets out of
the shower.  If she was, lets say,total  9.2 daily units prior to going
into the shower, and the pump shows a new total of 9.4 units when we
reconnect, we give her a .2 bolus to catch up. This was her idea by the
way.   When she swims in a pool, however, it is usually only for about
an hour at a time and we don't bother giving her the missing basal as
swimming uses up so much insulin that she would go low if we did.  Mind
you, if we were at the beach all day and she was in and out of the
water, we would have to reconnect occasionally and give a bolus to catch
up.  For all these scenarios, I feel better if I do prime till I see
that little drop of insulin showing at the connector, then we reconnect.

Hope this helps,

Barb.....Erica's mom

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