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Re: [IP] Strange Lab Results


The HbA1c is not an average of highs and lows.  It is a
measure of how much glucose has entered your bloodstream
during a set period of time.  That means that if you have
had a lot of high BGs your HbA1c might be higher than
expected.  It will not be affected by lots of low BGs.


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> I suspect your A1C result is slightly higher after going
> on the pump due to
> no more lows.  Pre-pump, your A1C's were lower because
> all your hypo's
> probably brought this number down.  It is better to be
> more balanced as you
> probably are now on the pump, with not as many swings. .
> . . . .This is a
> good thing, as it is not good to swing back & forth, from
> high to low & low
> to high (which I am sure you are aware).  However, 6.4 is
> still good as you
> mentioned so hang in there & Happy Pumping!!!
> Julie


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