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Re: [IP] IV drip


DKA requires lots of insulin and lots of fluids (preferably
water).  That is what my doc has instructed me to do and so
far it has worked.


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> In a message dated 6/11/99 6:53:30 AM Pacific Daylight
> Time, email @ redacted 
> writes:
> << 
>  On the other hand, maybe the doctors arent that
> concerned about the roller 
>  coaster, and in most ERs I would imagine they
> arent...perhaps the fact that 
>  the insulin is going staight in to the blood makes it
> more potent.  But they 
>  DID put 10 units of insulin the bag...10 units lowers me
> about 500 points, 
> so 
>  they did give the right amount of insulin, ust were
> cautious in distributing 
>  it all at once - which makes sense to me...
>   >>
> My understanding those is when you are that high and in
> DKA that insulin 
> doesn't lower you like it normally does.  Back in Feb
> before the pump I was 
> in DKA and we initially tried to do it at home.  I needed
> 75 units by subQ 
> and it didn't do anything.  It brought me from just under
> 600 to 450 with 
> large ketones.  This was 25 units in 3 injections 2 hours
> apart.  Then I was 
> sent to the hospital and within 6 hours and insulin drip
> of about 20 units my 
> dh said that I was down to 300 with moderate ketones.  So
> when in DKA don't 
> we require more insulin to do the same amount of
> lowering?
> Kathleen


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