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Re: [IP] tubing empty after shower

I just raise the pump higher than the end of the tubing and the 
pressure changes so that the insulin will advance to the end of the 
tubing. Raise the tubing and you will see it recede.

> At 08:10 PM 6/12/1999  amy m wrote:
>  >once again! Anyhow, every single time that I have, I notice that after
>  >my shower, if I bolus before reconnecting, nothing comes out. How come
>  >it empties so much? How do I prevent this from happening when I'm on
>  >insulin? I use the short Sof-sets.
Sam wrote:
> Most of us keep the pump going while we are disconnected. This keeps a 
> positive pressure in the tubing, so that when you re-connect the insulin is 
> still there. If you are not sure, bolus a small amount (0.3-0.4 units) 
> until you see the drop appear, then re-connect.

George Lovelace
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