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Re: [IP] tubing empty after shower

At 08:10 PM 6/12/1999  amy m wrote:
 >Hey All!
 > Well, 15 days till I start insulin!~ long wait,so I am pumping saline
 >once again! Anyhow, every single time that I have, I notice that after
 >my shower, if I bolus before reconnecting, nothing comes out. How come
 >it empties so much? How do I prevent this from happening when I'm on
 >insulin? I use the short Sof-sets.

Most of us keep the pump going while we are disconnected. This keeps a 
positive pressure in the tubing, so that when you re-connect the insulin is 
still there. If you are not sure, bolus a small amount (0.3-0.4 units) 
until you see the drop appear, then re-connect.

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