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[IP] a diabetic traveling alone

	I have traveled alone a few times and have learned, the hard way, to 
wear a medic alert bracelet, carry identification and important information 
on a card and to tell someone in authority of my condition in case there is a 
need for assistance.
People are more than willing to help if needed and more helpful if they are 
prepared and informed.  A simple comment to the flight attendant about where 
your glucose tabs/monojel are may help. Test often and do relax, incidents 
are less likely to happen when using the pump.
	Do keep an eye on your supplies,(and carry them in more than ONE 
place) when overseas or anywhere, as I did have my insulin and syringes 
stolen from my berth on a train in Russia years ago.  I'm sure they were a 
hot commodity on the black market. 
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