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Re: [IP] a diabetic travelling alone

At 04:00 AM 6/12/1999  Carol Wasson wrote:
 >to anyone
 >For the first time in 24 years of having diabetes I am preparing to take a
 >trip alone. Does anyone have experience.
 >I'm flying to a new time zone, staying 2 nights and 3 days.

I've travelled a few times alone. No big deal. Just change the time on the 
pump when you arrive and that's it. Be sure to bring twice as many supplies 
as you think you'll need... extra batteries too. I have a special travel 
case from MiniMed that I take, which holds everything. Also, don't check 
any of your medical supplies... be sure to take them on board with you. 
That way, if your luggage arrives late, you won't be left totally stranded.

You'll find the freedom of the pump to be a real blessing while travelling. 
Relax and enjoy!


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