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[IP] Erica...a very brave girl

Hi folks,
Can I do some parental bragging?  It has only been 3 months pumping for
Erica and we have always done a site insertion with EMLA.  Thank God for
it, it is a wonderful thing to have.  TODAY Erica said.."Mom, what if we
put it in without the EMLA?"  she then asked if it would hurt and I said
it might.  I told her the decision was totally up to her.  She didn't
know I was shaking in my boots, I had to look like the totally confident
mother :-)  When she said that she wanted to do it, we got all prepared,
she backed away a few times, then finally said "okay" and I pinched up
and inserted.  She barely flinched although she said it did hurt a bit
and she could still feel it.    I thought I might pass out, because it
was the first time it was done without that wonderful cream which always
gave me more confidence.  She has no idea how scared I was!!  Her train
of thought was that it would be easier for us to just 'do it'!!

She was quite pleased when I told her I was going to tell all my fellow
IP'ers about how brave she was. She is VERY proud of herself and her
face was beaming when she told her Dad.  She brought him the EMLA creme,
and asked him to put it on where the new site was going to be.  Then she
giggled and showed him that it was already done.  What a terrific
girl.....it certainly helps that her sugars have been TERRIFIC the past
while too.
Gotta love that insulin cocktail!!

Barb...Erica's very proud mom

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