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[IP] diet vs non-diet coke

FYI, went to a GKC theatre tonight and bought a refillable for the summer 
"diet" coke.  Tested positive with the old one touch strips (thanks for the 
tip, gave the diastix to my Mom).  Tried again, and again.  All regular cokes 
and tasted it, even after flushing lines etc.  Manager very apologetic, said 
they'd had problems before with labling on the containers from Coke and that 
is why they had put in coke machines there (I've never seen them in a theatre 
before) but they weren't yet operational with diet coke.  Pretty much they 
want to get out of the business of messing around with diet drinks because of 
these problems.  Sad to see, I remember days of having diabetes when getting 
tab or fresca away from home was rare.  Anyway, we were all real nice and the 
manager even offered us 6 tickets for future movies.  Usually I say no (I'm 
not really wanting to make anything off this) but we had paid $5.00 for this 
refillable cup that we ended up with just water in, and my husband missed a 
chunk of the start of Notting Hill, which was good, by the way.

Bottom line, 1.  check those soda fountain drinks  2.  be nice...It may be a 
mismarked coke lable on the box.  3.  We really don't want to be 
threaghtening lawsouits right and left or guess what, there will be NO diet 
drinks for us at the Mall, the restaurant, etc.   Linda
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