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[IP] mg/dl & mmol/L

Sam Skopp wrote:
All of the meters from Lifescan that I've used can all be switched to
> mmol/L measurement simply by changing a setup parameter. The same with the
> Accuchek Complete.

Sam & Brian,

I have been familiar with this function on the One Touch, but am
confused how you are able to convert the glucose units on the Accucheck
meters.  I am not able to do this on the Advantage or the Complete.  In
fact, I found on the Complete User's Manual on page 165, it says, "The
Accuckeck Complete monitor is set at the factory to give glucose values
in mg/dl and mmol/L, whichever is typical in the country where the
monitor was purchased."  I know other people who have this meter in
Canada and is is called the Accuckeck Manager.

Janet Riganti

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