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Re: [IP] Disappointed, BIG TIME

>won't pay for insulin pump until January.


Don't take no for an answer!!  Check with your insurance company and see if 
they have an appeals process.  Once you have been given the information on 
how to appeal, present your case.  Ask your doctor to write a letter in 
support of you getting the pump. In your appeal state the benefits of getting 
a pump now and not 6 months from now.  I had to fight with my insurance co to 
get the pump covered.  Because of the information provided by my M.D., my 
letter and research information from Minimed on the benefits of the pump, I 
was approved  for a pump as a "benefit by exception"  I didn't care how they 
rationalized it .The important thing was getting the pump!!  Keep at them , 
eventually they will give in.  Good luck !

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