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[IP] OK: I give up

     For the last two weeks I have been having EXTRAORDINARILY 
     uncomfortable bloating caused by water retention.
     Having never had this type of thing before I wrote it off for the 
     first week, until my comfort level in walking and general getting 
     around was too huge.
     Doctors tested me for kidney, liver, heart, etc to no positive show of 
     failure ((HOORAY)) BUT still no sign of why.  
     After determining that I was OK on sodium/potassium balance, Dr. put 
     me on 20 mg lasix (which five days later he increased to 80mg).
     I am finally starting to respond to Lasix but my feet and hands (and 
     rest) still feel and look bloated (although shoes do fit better now).
     Does anyone have any idea what this could be.  ER doctor told me his 
     wife has also been 40years diabetic and that this is just the soft 
     tissue responding to long term diabetes and getting huge due to this.
     My wife's mom was diagnosed with foot disorder that is caused by 
     diabetes where bones break constantly in little pieces (charcott 
     syndrome) and she suggests (based on my symptoms) that I should get 
     tested for this.
     Please send me private e-mail at email @ redacted if you have 
     any experience, knowledge or anything of this sort.
     Yerachmiel Altman

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