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[IP] Stressed on set change day

Does anyone else find that set change day (or reservoir change day) is
stressful? By the time I have to change something, I've usually gotten
into a nice pattern, and then something goes wrong with the new set,
and, between worrying and feeling headachy, I get overwhelmed and
irritable and scared. Sometimes it seems that there are absorption
problems initially which go away after a few hours. 

I did increase my basals from 7 am to 9 am, considerably...

I try not to change sets or reservoirs inthe early morning or at
night-noon seems best. I don't usually have bubble problems in the
tubing or reservoir. Today I changed everything at 11 am, ate about 30
grams of carb at noon, with a starting BS of about 70 or 80- I bolused 3
units which usually works just fine. I rose to 190, bolused 2 (maybe not
enough), rose to 275, injected 6 units. Now it seems fine but I may not
eat tonight, because I am even more stressed out when my bedtime sugars
are bad. 
I also generally avoid fats these days, mostly cheese and high-fat
meats.  I have a Disetronic pump and the stress of not knowing how much
insulin to give isn't worth the taste of eating those things. 

It seems that there are always going to be new ways to feel out of
control and upset, and I wonder if other people handle it  better than I
do. I wish I wasn't so obsessed with this, but I feel so sick with BSs
above 200. 

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