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[IP] The Truth is Out There...

beware...the following is political satire related to diabetes....read at 
your own discretion...

Julie wrote:

> my dad has heard a rumor that one reason my brother and 
> i have type 1 dm could be because he was exposed to agent 
> orange (i think that's what he said it was) in vietnam.  

No disrespect intended...but I would LOVE for this to be proven true...not 
for you or your brother, or any one else's whose father or relative who was 
exposed to Agent Orange of course, but wouldn't it be great!!!  This chemical 
was developed by our government not only to wreck havoc in a virtually 
meaningless war, but also to insure another generation of pancratically 
challenged individuals!!  It would be ultimate CONFIRMATION that our 
government is NOT acting in our best interests.  

I am such a commie aren't I?  I just have always been convinced that there is 
some political motivation or subversive government-funded reason as to WHY 
there is NOT a cure for this disease that affects SO many people, despite the 
years and years of promises and the advancements in OTHER areas of health 
care and science.  They keep finding fancier and fancier ways to put band 
aids on this disease...Keeps us tax payers in line...insures we continue our 
health insurance - causes many of us NOT to rock the boats for fear of losing 
our precious coverage...When we write our congress people it is to push for 
more money for research...and that takes alway from our efforts to demand 
proper efforts in other areas of the government..."Blind em with the diabetes 
thing and maybe they won't mind if we sell defense secrets to China!!!"  It's 
a scheme, i tell ya!!!

As Muldar says...The Truth is Out There

teee heee...my insulin must be getting too warm tucked in here...(+)[](+)

have a good weekend y'all!!

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