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[IP] RE: Strange Labe Results

I know you mentioned that your A1c's tend to be lower then your actual
blood sugars, so I won't get into mathematical garbage with you.  Well,
yes I will. :)  A few factors may be involved.  As you said your average
bg may be up but your overall deviation will be much smaller and thus
much healthier.  The goal isn't to get the smallest number, but to get
the healthiest number.  For some of us that is lower then others. 
Another factor is what your current bg was.  (I know, I know, just hear
me out. )  I had a A1c done that came out 8.8 and my bg at the time was
215.  The doctor called me up and said some of the labs got messed up
and they weren't sure whether or not mine was one of them. So they
wanted me to have it redone.  Next day had them draw and it was 7.8 and
my bg was 67.  Doctor was confused by the large variation and had me
come in a few days later and the third was 8.2 and my bg was 100. 
Doctor gave up because I was a pin cusion, but it makes me wonder how
our current bg effects the overall.  YMMV but maybe you were running a
little higher at the time of the test then you had previously?  Anyways,
those are still incredible numbers. I sure am jealous! :)

-- Sherry
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