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[IP] Treating Lows/Amount and Type

 I have noticed something and was wondering if anyone else can say the
same.  If I have a low, (25-65 mg) I consider my range for a low, and I
consume the appropriate number of lifesavers, OJ, or Regular Soda I am
back to normal, (70-150) my normal target range, and stable at that
number in a matter of a half hour.  So basically Natural fruit juices or
things with High Fuctose Corn Syrup on their labels.  However if I eat
Jolly Ranchers, SweetTarts, or anything else with Corn Syrup, or
Fructose Corn Syrup on the label I often will not be up in an hour or
more after I consume it.  In fact many times my bgs drop more.  Has
anyone else had this problem?  Is this normal?  I have read that many
people use SweetTarts and am surprised they would if their reaction to
them was like mine?  I don't have any stomach problems or any other
diagnosed problems which would cause a delay.  From day one of being dxd
this has been the case.  I remember when I was 8, my mother read an 
article about how milk was a great choice to bring up lows.  It 
was both short and long acting.  So she gave me a glass of milk with
one of my lows and I almost ended up in the hospital. This  was about
1984 if you need a date.

The second thing I wanted to respond to was the amount of sugar needed
to bring up a bloodsugar.  Someone wrote not long ago that they couldn't
believe someone "thought" they needed an entire can of regular soda to
bring up a low.  Granted, for some people, in fact most, this is
over doing it.  But some of us are different.  As I listed above, I have
always needed to use certain types of sugar to bring it up quick.  But
I also need larger quantities.  If I have a bg of 55 mg/dL one can of
pepsi will bring me up to 100 and stay.  So in that case a whole can of
soda is justified.  If I have a bg of 75 mg/dL this same can of soda
put me at 200 mg/dL.  For some reason that 65 mg mark starts a richter
scale effect on how much sugar I need to bring it up.  Which is one of 
my concerns.  I am still on MDI and want a pump very much.  I have a
doctors appt. on the 25th and am keeping my fingers crossed.  But will
this strange effect to sugar keep me from getting one?

-- Sherry

dxd 1980, Type1 , 4 years old
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