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[IP] Strange Lab Results

Got back my first post-pump lab results today.

Some of the news is good -- triglycerides are down to 211 -- I was never
able to get them below 250 before, and since normal is defined as <199,
I figure I'm pretty darn close. :)  

HDL was 59 -- and since 60 is considered to be protective, that ALSO
pretty darn close! :)

LDL was 71 -- 'bout as good as you can get, as far as I'm concerned! :)

(Total cholesterol was 172, in case you're wondering)

However, the A1c was UP -- 6.4,  (normal < 6.0)  which is the highest
I've had since going on insulin.  Pre-pump, I was usually between 5.0
and 5.9.  It's mystifying to me, because my BGs really have been in a
better range -- I haven't had nearly as many symptomatic highs, and no
lows at all -- I've never caught my BG below 70 since going on the pump.
Actually, I'm rarely below 100, which is fine with me. 

I think the improved triglycerides corroborate the idea that I'm not
having as many highs, so the only thing I can figure is maybe I was
having lows at night during sleep that I never caught. 

Or else I was anemic or something -- never told that, but it's a

I'm a bit disappointed, because I was REALLY expecting the A1c to be
lower, but I don't really think it reflects worse control; perhaps it
reflects BETTER control! (Always the optimist!)

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