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RE: [IP] Pumping Insulin


No problem!

>From another ST fan, good expression! I will be assimilated soon - went to
see Endo. today - pump therapy approved, so now I wait........


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		From:	David Thomas [mailto:email @ redacted]
		Sent:	Friday, June 11, 1999 14:33
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		Subject:	Re: [IP] Pumping Insulin

		I have not been able to find the Humalog Supplement either.
If you get a
		hold of it, Please let me know!  I would really like to have
a copy!

		David  Type 1 {LADA}  (who LOVES his MM 507c Insulin Pump)
		Assimilated into the Borg Collective on May 3, 1999, at 1200
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