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Re: [Re: [Re: [IP] Curious why -- attn. Doreen]]

email @ redacted wrote:

""how many years ago was this? and in what state?    and just for the 
record.......anyone can be trained, it doesn't require a diploma or license 
to do a trained task.  but educating a nurse is a little more 
involved........sorry if i sound picky, but i take offense to being 
considered a TRAINED professional that carries out tasks.""
>>>>>>>>I am not for sure if this post was meant for me, or for Doreen. I
replied to a post on this subject, but did not see the original post. If it
was for my reply, I went to school in New York and it was in 1972. While in
high school I went to a vocational school, 3 hours a day. The first year we
went for nurse aid certification, the next 2 years would have been for LPN
(training,education). I of course realize that I would have had to pass a test
to become licensed. I unfortunately did not get to even finish the first year.
But 4 years later, I did work as a nurses' aid in a critical care hospital, in
Hawaii. There I did not even need to be certified.I now reside in Kentucky,
and you do need to be certified here to work as a nurses aide. I certainly
never meant to offend you or anyone, if anything, I have respect and
admiration for anyone who is in the medical profession. Please have a good
dxd 1971
pmpg 6/97

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