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Re: [IP] IV drip

In a message dated 6/11/99 6:53:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

 On the other hand, maybe the doctors arent that concerned about the roller 
 coaster, and in most ERs I would imagine they arent...perhaps the fact that 
 the insulin is going staight in to the blood makes it more potent.  But they 
 DID put 10 units of insulin the bag...10 units lowers me about 500 points, 
 they did give the right amount of insulin, ust were cautious in distributing 
 it all at once - which makes sense to me...
My understanding those is when you are that high and in DKA that insulin 
doesn't lower you like it normally does.  Back in Feb before the pump I was 
in DKA and we initially tried to do it at home.  I needed 75 units by subQ 
and it didn't do anything.  It brought me from just under 600 to 450 with 
large ketones.  This was 25 units in 3 injections 2 hours apart.  Then I was 
sent to the hospital and within 6 hours and insulin drip of about 20 units my 
dh said that I was down to 300 with moderate ketones.  So when in DKA don't 
we require more insulin to do the same amount of lowering?

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