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Re: [IP] BG results from 6 different meters

Cindy, that is really nice to see your experimental results.  I've also
wondered often about the reproducibility of our trusty BG meters.   I know
there is some normal variation even with repeated measurements of the same
blood with the same meter, but the companies are shy about telling us that
information.   I suspect the variation in just repeating on the same meter
with the same blood is about 10-15%, so your data with different meters
seems to be close to that range.  BUT with the largest difference in your
results of 35 mg/dl, that for me is a full unit of inuslin.  And if your
actual BG were near 200 instead of 100, this error would be about double
(i.e., 70 mg/dl).   So it may not be a good idea to switch between meters.
I'd recommending checking reproducibility in repeated measurements with one
meter just to be sure.
     Your experiment prompted me to test all my meters simultaneously!  I
have 5 Elites, one very old (still takes a min, instead of 30 sec) and the
newest XL (with the computer link).  Here's the data taken just before noon

old (1 min) Elite: 121
Elite #1:  137
Elite #2:  124
new Elite XL: 119
Elite #3: 139
	I'm pretty happy with these data, a range of only plus or minus 10
mg/dl around a mean of 128.  That's less than a 10% variation.   The
variation with your different meters was almost double that.  It's harder
to do repeated checks with the same meter(since you have to wait for one
reading to be done before you can do the next), but I suspect the variation
would not be any greater than what I found with my five simultaneous
measurements.   It was also nice to see that my original old 5 year old
trusty Elite still works just fine.  I'd use it all the time if it didn't
take a full minute.  This original is smallest size, and has nice rounded
edges.  All newer ones are bigger, and the newest XL is way too big for my
liking.  Don't know why Bayer screwed up the original package.

<<<<<<From: email @ redacted
Me again :-)  After I sent my last post I decided to collect all the meters
and test my bg at the same time with each one.  Here are the results.
Profile = 98
Dex = 117
Accu-Chek Complete = 99
Fast Take = 125
Glucometer Elite XL = 94
Sure Step = 90
	Anyone have any insight to this?  Sure all are in close range of
each other
and both the Dex and the Elite are from the same maker and both read plasma
serum but the Dex is higher and the Elite is closer to the Profile and
Thanks again for any help you have to offer and I anxiously await your

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