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[IP] Disappointed, BIG TIME

I just got off the phone with my Disetronic Rep.  She has contacted my 
Insurance Co. and was told that they will not cover the pump or supplies 
until January.  The reason she was given is that when the policy is renewed 
in January, it will then be covered...boohoo.  I asked her about the new bill 
that was passed, including this equipment, and to her understanding the 
Insurance Co. is not bound to it until the renewal is up!!!!  :-(

How disappointed I am.  The rep. is going to try and go through Major Medical 
and see what that brings.  She also offered to give me a loaner until 
January, if Major Medical doesn't come through.  I would still have to pay 
for the supplies OUT OF POCKET.

Anyone ever go through a similar situation?  If so, please HELP me out.  
Sorry, but I just had to VENT.

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