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[IP] Re: Responses

Dianne wrote:

> I think it helps if you are responding to something on this 
> site, to show a line or two of the original posting, otherwise we 
> have no clue what you are talking about.  

Yeah...note she said "A LINE OR TWO"!  Please do NOT respond with a cpoy of 
the entire post which also includes a copy of a prior post.  It takes up a 
lot of room on the digest.

ALSO, make sure your subject line is correct...If you are receiving the 
digest, and you just hit "reply"  your subject line will read "Insulin 
Pumpers Digest #275"  Pleae take the 8 seconds it takes to fix this before 
you send 

If you need help ask an admin, or ask me. I am not an admin, but I'll help 
you if it means less for my poor strained eyes to read!!!

who can't see S**T these days, but who is waiting patiently, as per her 
adored eye doctor's instructions
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