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[IP] IV drip

Brian wrote:

> i realize the route and all know it works faster  but infusing only 
> about 5 units over 1 hour seems a to little (to me anyway) for a 
> 600+ BG...  but i guess that differs for everyone.  

well this goes back to what i was saying yesterday, the body freaks when you 
lower it too much too fast and releases more and more counter regulatory 
hormones.  Your body does NOT know that your drop in blood sugar is going to 
stop when you  stop the insulin.  While, granted, it is not working very good 
at 600, I htink some of those phsiological things STILL happen.  Blood sugar 
drops to 500..."only" a 100 point drop you might say, but the body sees that 
as a CRISIS and dumps in glucagan, growth hormone, cortisol, 
adrenalin.....and you get on that roller coaster...Normal peeopl'e bg only 
vary by about 40 points up or down, so a 100 point drop is a BAD 
thing...hence the crisis

On the other hand, maybe the doctors arent that concerned about the roller 
coaster, and in most ERs I would imagine they arent...perhaps the fact that 
the insulin is going staight in to the blood makes it more potent.  But they 
DID put 10 units of insulin the bag...10 units lowers me about 500 points, so 
they did give the right amount of insulin, ust were cautious in distributing 
it all at once - which makes sense to me...

Hey did you guys know that whether it is Humalog or Velosulin that is put 
into you intravenously, it has EXACTLY the same response time.  It is putting 
it Subq that changes the rate.  I just learned that!


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