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[IP] what supplies

Shawn asked:

> what everyone carries with them all of the time and what you use
> to hold the supplies. 

My office kit has one reservoir, one complete catheter/tubing set and one 
catheter only; a couple of alcohol pads and Bard prep wipes, a strip of pump 
batteries, a jar of meter strips and a regular syringe or two.  I keep all of 
this in the small blue bag Minimed gave me with the pump.  I also have a jar 
of dex tabs.  NO insulin - I figure I can always draw out a few units from 
the reservoir or tubing if I ever needed to.  I live a 10 minute walk from 
home and have been known to take lunch at 1030 instead of my normal 2-3pm.  
IE today...i forgot my meter for the FIRST time ever....I just walked home 
and got it...would have been a problem if I had gone, say uptown to the 
doctors, and then remembered...but i guess i was having a senior moment...

I am THINKING about getting some foil wrapped ketostix...but rarely test 
anyway, so i dont know if this is a cost i want to incur...I do have the 
regular ones at home that go bad before the jar is half empty...

> How often is there an emergency set change? 

I imagine, for new pumpers, more often than more experienced ones...but that 
is why it is called an emergency...you never know when disaster can strike...

> Do you change out the set immediately when there is a problem away 
> from home or do you just take shots until you're back home?

Well, first you have to rule out that it is a problem that warrants a site 
change.  Obviously if it is red, sore or bleeding, that needs a quick 
change...or do you just have an unexplainable high blood sugar....I'd try 
another bolus FIRST, and then do the change.  It just depends on how long I 
am gonna be gone...I have done site changes at work - no problem...if I 
ripped my set out or got a no delivery at Macy's I might just hop on the 
train and go home...  If I do get a no delivery, it is cuz the reservoir is 
empty cuz i am lazy about checking, but I know there is 20 units of insulin 
in the tubing.  In a pinch, I can just disconnect, take the reservoir out, 
unscrew the tubing from sytinge, draw air into syringe, reattach tubing, 
reattach to me, and using the air push that insulin into me - NOT A 
RECOMMENDED THING FOR NEWBIES (or republicans <g>) but it works for me...and 
has kept me from having to leave performances or parties early...I only do 
this when i have dex tabs handy...since 20 units will lower me about 1,000 
points if I got it all.....

Sara (+)[](+)
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