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Re: [IP] Meters...

The One Touch 2 and One Touch Profile can be changed to mmol, as I kind of
cheat once and a while and look at my averages in this form.  I get an
approximate two week A1c number from it.  Well, my last average was 7.9 and
my A1c was 8.2.  So it isn't the same, i know.
Point is that these meters can be changed.  I would assume many of the
others can too, especially One Touches.  You just have to look at the manual
to figure out how.

Also, as for "free" meters.  there are two ways in the US to get them.  One
call and make a good case, or two trade in an old meter of another brand.
So if the first failed for you, maybe you should call and ask for a trade in
if you have an old one.  Or, maybe someone lurking on this list would be
willing to trade one of their unused ones in and mail you the meter when
they get it?  Sorry I can't help.  Did that for a friend in Canada already.

-- Sherry
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>A note to Brian Carter:  Most people in Canada measure BG in mmol/L as
>opposed to mg/dl.  There is only one meter than I am aware of which has
>a function to switch over between the two measurements.  In most cases,
>Canadians need a meter which is set correctly in mmol/L at the
>manufacturer, in essence a different meter.
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