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[IP] Exercise - please help!


> 1.  Do what people do during/before exercise differ according to what time
> of
> the day you are working out?
For me it also makes a huge difference whether I work out in the afternoon or
in the morning. In the morning my body seems to be less insulin sensitive.
I do not lower my basal rate prior to working out in the afternoon, but I do
eat something if I'm below 150 and I disconnect during my work out (usually 2
hours). In the morning I wouldn't have to eat something unless I'm below 100.

> 2.  When you disconnect/reconnect to a sil, do you suspend?  Do you make
> sure there is a drip before reconnecting?  Must you "prime" another .5 to
> fill the cannula?
I do not suspend my pump. My basal rate in the afternoon is only 0.4. That
makes less than 1 unit during 2 hours of workout. That's only a small drop.
I do have to 'prime' 1 unit after disonnecting, though. Otherwise I will get
high afterwards unless I'm below 100.
(Well, don't take this numbers too seriously. After practising for several
month I now 'feel' what's the right thing to do (at least most of the time ;) )

3. I don't know :(

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