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Re: [IP] BG results from 6 different meters

To get a better feeling as to how each read you may have to do a series of 25 
to 50 readings from each and chart the readings.  I did this on excell and 
made a graph comparing profile, fasttake, complete and dex, and found the 
difference in that order with profile the lowest and dex the highest.  My 
goal was to see if I could get Hg A1c less than 6, since i was consistently 
between 6 & 7.  Had always used the profile meter.  When I found the 
difference which meant using a bolus of 0.5 - 1 or 2  or more units per 
bolus, I began using the complete as my basic unit and now have been able to 
keep A1c below 6 without becoming hypoglycemic.  I suspect the dex will do 
the same thing but one would have to watch out for more chance to be in 
hypoglycemic levels with tight control.  Good luck.
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