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[IP] Support - Thanks

Hi all,  I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to e-mail me 
and/or respond via the IP message board.  I have contacted another doctor's 
office (actually the Joslin Center in Southern Indiana).  I talked to one of 
the CDEs there about their standard of care and was very happy with what I 
heard.  Also, the attending physician there used to be the attending 
endocrinologist at the hospital where I work.  Everyone had nothing but good 
things to say about her as a doctor and as a person.  She was the camp 
physician at diabetes camp a couple of years ago when Josh got sick and had 
to come home early.  She called me at home after I picked him up  and gave me 
her home phone number and her pager number in case he needed anything.  I am 
going to set up an appointment for Josh as soon as he gets back from Belize.  
I think his pediatric endo's practice has just gotten too busy.  Thanks again 
for all the info and support.  Will keep you posted on our quest for a pump!
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