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[IP] SEX was In the heat?

Shawn wrote:

> my educator said I can't stay in the sun long. Can anyone share 
> their experiences going to the beach, laying in the sun, etc. [SNIP]
> I got that sportguard from Minimed, but my nurse said to disconnect.

oh pooh on her!!  Wht about all those people who work out in the sun all day 
or who stand in hot lines at disney land all day???  It is not gonna ruin 
your pump or the insulin if you lay out in the sun.  I have laid on beaches 
on the Gulf of Mexico, in New England, California, the Med, and in Scotland, 
not to mention "laying out" all kinds of places  bathing suited or 
otherwise....all connected to my pump!!!!  Even on the nude beaches in 
Frnace!!  I will disonnect if I jump in the water,   You might want to keep 
it out of direct sun...some people put it in one of those beer coozie things 
(you know the little foam thing that keeps your can cool), or put it in ice 
chest next to you if you are using long tubing...or took it in your shoe like 
i do.

Of course to hear the stories of others, they do say heat is bad for Humalog, 
so I offer no suggestions here except USE VELOSULIN which has never ever gone 
bad on me in 6 years of being in the sun as much as possible

As for the sports guard - why NOT use it?  Isnt that why you expended the $$$ 
in the first place?  I dont use it, cuz I prefer not to have anything hanging 
off my bodywhen I swim, and unlike boys, us girls dont get pockets in our 
swimsuits...but if you have it, why should you not???

> Oh and SEX??

even better when you dont have to worry about NPS peaking just while you 

seriously, though, you can either disconnect at some convenient 
point....kinda like when you do the "protection" part...or if you are with 
someone who doesnt mind, or who enjoys the challenge...you can just leave it. 
 Just be sure to check later to see if you are still attached..sometimes in 
hte heat of passion, you get em ripped out and never feel it....of course, if 
you are using the Sports Guard, you could even be doing it in the pool....and 
then when it floats by, you might have to dry off....

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