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[IP] necked pumpers!!

Sam wrote:

> Your subject line has me very confused... don't all of us have necks? 
> I realize that some of us have longer necks than others, but usually the 
> head is connected to the rest of the body in some way. No? I never 
> took anatomy 101 so I may be off-base here. :-)

well...pronouce it the way I do...NEK-ED.....fer you folks who speak and 
write proper english, i believe the proper spelling is "NAKED"

as for my neck...well you remember my emoticon dontcha...
*-)=B xxox~~~~~[507]

my blood filled eye, cute grin, LONG NECK, droopy boobs, scar around my belly 
button and my mnmd with short tubing...


(who is sometimes AWOL for being off-base at the wrong time)
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