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Re: [IP] who makes the most accurate meter?

email @ redacted wrote:
 I have several meters sitting in my
> "diabetes supply cabinet" which include 3 profiles, 1 Accu-Chek Complete, 1
> Fast Take, 1 Sure Step, 1 Advantage, 1 Glucometer Elite XL, and now the Dex.
> I have been using the Profile meter exclusively but heard that they test
> whole blood which has a 10-15% margin of error and that a meter that reads
> plasma is closer to true lab readings.  Is this true?  

No. ALL home glucose meters have an error factor in that area. Profiles are
the better ones, as far as I've heard. 

Whether the meter reads whole blood or translates it to plasma equivalency
(since it
can actually only measure the whole blood you give it) being more accurate
depends on several factors. For 1 thing, "plasma" style meters are based on 
everybody having blood within a certain range, and some don't. I forget exactly 
what the factor was, but some people happen to be outside the allowed range, 
so plasma meters will NOT be as accurate as whole blood meters. Since the 
conversion between a whole blood meter and a doctor's lab test will be based
on the same assumptions (more of less) it really doesn't matter which you use.

The best situation is to test in parallel with a lab test and compare results.
You can then find what the difference acually is for WHATEVER meter you wish to

Of all these meters
> which one will give me the most accurate results?  

All home meters have the same problems. Since there is a chemical reaction
the sample and the strip coating temperature can affect the results. Unless
you always store and usee the meter and strips at a single stable temperature
there will be differences. Then there is the matter of sample size, which
on what trouble you had getting enough available for a test, among other things.

Yiming also affects the results to an extent. If you need another few seconds 
to get a big enough sample out, then the blood will have changed somewhat 
before you put it on the strip.

In any case, if you need absolute accuracy you'll have to live in laboratory
conditions full time, which I doubt you can do anymore than I can.......

I have also been told by
> CDE that it really doesn't matter that much and that I should just use the
> meter I am most comfortable with and test with that one.  I test my bg
> approximately 8 times a day and it would be nice to know which one is the
> better meter.

The better meter is the one you are most comfortable with and find most
Your CDE is right. I just avoid meters that seem to give wild readings that
can't be repeated a minute later.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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