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[IP] Re:how many lows are usual

> From: "Manuela Reischl" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] lows
> I=B4m interested in how many mild lows (bg=B4s between 40 and 50) do
> you have in a week. How many are usual?
> Manuela

I don't know if I'd call a bg of 40 mild.  I tend to think of mild lows as being in
the 55-65 range.  My meter currently tells me that I've had only 1 low in the past 2
weeks, which is unusual for me, and 27 in the last month, which is also unusual.  I
was having way too many, then changed dosages a bit too far in the other direction.
I'd say 4-5 lows per week (in the 45-65 range/week) is about typical for me.  I rarely
test below 45.

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