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Re: [IP] Meters...

> At 08:37 PM 6/9/1999  Kerfoot/Riganti wrote:
>  >A note to Brian Carter:  Most people in Canada measure BG in mmol/L as
>  >opposed to mg/dl.  There is only one meter than I am aware of which has
>  >a function to switch over between the two measurements.  In most cases,
>  >Canadians need a meter which is set correctly in mmol/L at the
>  >manufacturer, in essence a different meter.

All the meters that i have Mainly Accu-chek allow you to switch 
from one way or the other..  and i do believe most companies are 
switching to this method.. and if you happen to get one that only 
checks one way i almost bet ya you can call the company and 
they will switch it out for you.  8)

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