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Re: [IP] Active Duty Military and Type I

We use TriCare here also, and completely opposite, we have had nothing but 
trouble with them.  Especially during my pregnancy with my son, we were 
constantly being billed for things TriCare was supposed to cover.  I had been 
admitted into the hospital over five times before I had my son, and every 
time we had some sort of trouble with them.  Now they are trying to put us 
with a bill for pump training which they authorized prior to having the 
training.  I have the Auth number they gave me and everything, and they still 
want to deny the claim.  On the other hand they told us we would pay 10% for 
the pump, and we have not received bill 1 from that.  I got the pump in 
October, so I would have thought we would see something by now.  I also was 
told we would pay for the supplies, but still have not seen a bill from that 
either.  I am waiting for them all to show up in the mail at the same time.  
Would be typical for the TriCare we know here in AZ.  I am curious how if you 
have a pump they dealt with it where you are.
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