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Re: [IP] In the heat?

On 10 Jun 99, at 13:57, email @ redacted wrote:

> Fran, 
> when swimming did you put the little orange guard in the two little holes
> in the screw -in lid to the chamber?  If not moisture could have intered
> the chamber.  Iyoudid and the cloudiness has been there two days, call
> Disetronic on the number on the back of the pump and ask them what to do. 
> If the pump is defective they will probably replace it. Don and Penguinie
> pumper penguin O-
>                                      /'( )\

The Chamber of the pump can have water in it.  the holes are there 
for the changes in pressure mainly when traveling.  if water gets 
into the chamber (which is waterproof from the electronic parts) just 
open it and tap it upside-down on your hand to get the drops out of 
the  "drive chamber"  (where the screw thing goes) then just get a q-
tip or a piece of paper towel and get the excess off of the sides of 
the chamber.. its not a defect..  unless you can see condensation 
on the electronic portion of the pump.

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