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Re: [IP] Meters...

>   All, I see meesages about people getting free bg meters all the time
> however, does this seem to apply to people in Canada.  I have not seen or
> heard of anybody receiving free meters up here.  Can anybody guide me.
Hi Iain,

I also live in Alberta, but I know we are no more privileged than the
rest of Canada. I got a free meter from our Roche Diagnostics Rep-- they
make Accuckeck meters.  I've seen special ads in Superstore and Costco,
and also at my Endo's office as well as the office of my CDE.  Try these
sources of yours.

A note to Brian Carter:  Most people in Canada measure BG in mmol/L as
opposed to mg/dl.  There is only one meter than I am aware of which has
a function to switch over between the two measurements.  In most cases,
Canadians need a meter which is set correctly in mmol/L at the
manufacturer, in essence a different meter.

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