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[IP] Exercise - please help!

1.  Do what people do during/before exercise differ according to what time
the day you are working out?

usually I had been working out in the afternoon.  I cut my basal to about
40% an hour prior and then disconnected during.  If I had eaten or taken a
bolus of 2 or more units in the 2-3 hours prior, I also ate 15-30 g of
carbs, usually with protein.

This was working great...  

Then I have done two morning workouts.  I cut the basal an hour prior,
disconnect and my blood sugar remained exactly the same before & after...
but BOTH times, an hour and a half after I was up to 400.  Now, both times
also I did a set change before cutting the basal down... Several
possibilities here - I am rebounding (but that seems a bit excessive
considering I do not rebound in the afternoon), the set is bad (neither time
was this true, my blood sugar is falling as we speak (after bolus)), or ???

I am very frustrated and would appreciate any pointers as to why I might be
getting these excessively high sugars.  I feel like if I do not disconnect I
will get low... (because that always has seem to be true for this kind of
exercise for me...).

2.  When you disconnect/reconnect to a sil, do you suspend?  Do you make
sure there is a drip before reconnecting?  Must you "prime" another .5 to
fill the cannula?  The answers to these might be part of the problem...

3.  Camping (take two!) - how concerned should I be about swimming in icky
water - lakes/creeks/rivers in terms of site infection? (ie. no showers ;) )
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