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Re: [IP] other pumps

----- Original Message ----- > >>>She's thinking of a morphine pump, used
with many terminally ill patients
> >and others with chronic pain.<<
> >
I am the husband of Doris, a insulin pumper and member of the group.  This
past Friday I was implanted with a pain pump.  The pump is in my lower
abdomen and there is a catheter which goes into the intrathecal space
(spinal fluid) in the spine.  With everything embeded, there is less chance
of infection, on a long term basis.. Currently the Dr. has me on morphine.
He said that there other alternates to morphine.  I do not what these
alternates are.  My reason  for this treatment is for back pain.  I have 3
discs which need fusion.  Drs. say to many discs to fuse.  Will be too
stiff, and sucess rate below 50%.  Also with the stiffness many fusions
break.  Age also enters the picture, I am 72 but appear considerabley

Still getting dosage ajusted.  I am sure it will increase from my present 6
mg/day.  Saturday and Sunday prior to getting the pain pump I took 210 mg of
morphine eash day and was still in extreme pain, The worst pain I have ever
had and tht includes shingles and kidney stones. Also with this doage I do
not have the dopy feeling that accomanies  the usage of opiates

The reason Dr's wast the internal pump is so the patient can not adjust
himself.   This make the Fed's much happier.

I still have pain but nowhere close to what I had.  The pump is made by
Medtronics.  They have a web page and can provide all the details wich would
be too long to post here.

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