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[IP] who makes the most accurate meter?


I have asked some questions regarding the Dex meter and got one reply (thank 
you Christene for your response).  I have several meters sitting in my 
"diabetes supply cabinet" which include 3 profiles, 1 Accu-Chek Complete, 1 
Fast Take, 1 Sure Step, 1 Advantage, 1 Glucometer Elite XL, and now the Dex.  
I have been using the Profile meter exclusively but heard that they test 
whole blood which has a 10-15% margin of error and that a meter that reads 
plasma is closer to true lab readings.  Is this true?  Of all these meters 
which one will give me the most accurate results?  I have also been told by 
CDE that it really doesn't matter that much and that I should just use the 
meter I am most comfortable with and test with that one.  I test my bg 
approximately 8 times a day and it would be nice to know which one is the 
better meter.

Thank you for any help you can offer me.

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