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[IP] lows

I have altogether too many, still.  I would say at
least 3 somethimes 5 a week.  Happily these are not
always on the same day.  It is not always at the same
times, or I would have adjusted, and they are not all
related to diet, overinsulating, and or exercise.  I
test often, and still have an occassional sneaky low
that sends me to the ER.   I use only 25 units of
insulin a day, and 1 unit can drop my bg over 100 pt.s
this makes it difficult to pinpoint an exactness for
me.  Maybe it would be possible with someone else's
schedule, or their diabetes, but after 37 years of D,
the one thing I do know, is that I don't know all the
answers.  Laurie B.

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