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[IP] Re: in the heat

Jen Woodall <email @ redacted> wrote:
>Shawn Stalter <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> Oh and SEX??
>> I hope I'm not out of line.
>> Kristin
>Depending on the tubing length and the. . . athleticism of your lovemaking,
>you may either choose to disconnect during sex or just to throw the pump
>off to the side.

To add another comment, I usually stayed connected.  Toss it to the side (or
incorporate it, if you're creative -- my ex-girlfriend used to joke "this is
better than a leash, you don't dare pull against it..."  ;-)  Sometimes I
almost miss her, until I remember why I dumped her ;-)

We were both pretty active, but I only needed to change the infusion set
afterwards once...

This was my only girlfriend post-pump so far, so I'll have to see how things
go in the future...

--Greg, single again and (mostly) happier for it

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