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Re: [IP] Re: damage from lows

I am sort of in the "medical" business.  And I should have a better
explanation for the insulin coma thing (seeing that I just finished an exam
that included this specific topic less than two hours ago), but I really
don't know that much.  What I do know that hypoglycemia was just to creat
comas (some of them lasting from 2-4 WEEKS I was told) to treat depression,
the postive symptoms of schizophrenia, and bipolar disease.  Now the use
ECT (a.k.a. electro shock therapy) instead because they can control it
better with fewer side effects (i.e. memory loss and other neurological
damage).  I want to say that the goal was to cause the patient to have

I agree with Jan about the evidence and study and proof thing.  However,
the "side effects" of lows such as unconsciousness and siezures (and in my
case I often throw up for several hours and I feel like crap) is enough of
a deterant for me to try not to be low.  Unless the complications of lows
are something I need to watch for so I can do early intervention to
stop/slow progression, in a way I'm happy not knowing what they are.  I
know enough of what can go wrong because of diabetes without looking out
for even more things that I really have no control over.


>You mean before electro-shock therapy?  I understood the 
>objective of insulin shock was to create schizophrenia in the 
>patient (I know I'm definitely schizoid in severe hypo, out of body 
>experience and all). Now what the docs did to the patient while in 
>this schizophrenic frame . . . . . . . . . .      but maybe thats just my 
>imagination.   ;>)
>George Lovelace            |         ;-)    (And So Am I)
>> Well..... back in the dark ages of medicine, before shock therapy, 
>> they gave psych patients massive doses of insulin to induce "shock" 
>> and "cure" them. I imagine the neurological changes were due to the 
>> brain being deprived of glucose for an extended period of time. Since 
>> I'm not in the business (medical), I can't really say that was the 
>> reason, but I sure can't think of any other.
>> Michael

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